You should be c(u)ming and going…Relationship advice from Chris Rock!

“…If you’re in a relationship, all you should be doing is fucking and going places. That’s all you should be doing. Having sex and traveling…You should be cuming and going. Thats all you should be doing…” – Chris Rock

I was watching Chris Rock’s special on Netflix – Tamborine, and this line stood out to me. Keep in mind that Chris Rock is dishing out relationship advice after revealing that he was in the middle of finalizing his own divorce. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder, is it really just that simple? YOU WISH!

Do you know how hard it is to take two one-week vacations in a year? From my observation, I’d say for the average American household, thats about as good as it gets. Which is extremely sad. Personally, I like to stretch my overall vacation time by taking extra-long weekend trips ( Thursday to Monday for example) and maximizing credit card rewards.

The Real Test is Up Ahead

I can’t wait to see how things change as our babies gets older and demands going on these trips with us. We did just fine when it was just on kid. But now there are two and I don’t feel good about dropping them off with family and saying good luck!

Vacation Intentionally

I took my first and only two week vacation as a working professional when my wife and I traveled to Argentina for our honeymoon. We had an amazing time and Ive been dying to replicate this experience for the past ~4years. After introducing kids into the mix, we’ve had to spread out our vacation time very strategically.

  • Our default method (so far) has been to take one week-long trip during the year and a few long weekend trips in between. That has worked so far, but there is a big world out there to see and this is a a slow pace.
  • Travel every six weeks: Literally looking at the calendar and scheduling a trip every six weeks (give or take a fews obviously). I really like this concept because it provides structure and maximizes the long weekends we’ve been taking. I heard about this while listening to an episode of side hustle school where the featured story was about a blog called Points and Travel.
  • Travel longer and slower: I noticed my co-workers mostly take one-week or two-week vacations. Rarely do I hear about a long weekend trip to San Francisco. I would imagine this is mostly because of school schedules. I have a goal to visit Europe in 2020 (or shortly after) and I refuse to go for any time less than 2 weeks. And I think we have to take the kids (right?)!

How do you structure your vacation in order to maximize your time and experience? Always looking for tips!

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