Jetblue Card

The Jetblue Business Card…love it or cut it?

This will be our second year with the Jetblue business card, and as such, we must evaluate if we are still deriving enough value from the card to justify keeping it open.

Yearly Fee

This card comes with a $99 annual fee. When we signed up for the card, the first year’s fee was not waived. Since this will be our second year with the card, that means I have paid $198 for the privilege of holding this card.


Barclays lists a bunch of benefits. Below are the ones I find most relevant to me and my situation.  

Sign up bonus

At the time that I signed up for this card the sign up bonus was 40,000 points

First checked bag is free

This benefit applies to me and up to 3 passengers when I use the card to book

Points done expire

This is the lazy way to keep my points active

Earning additional miles

This is not a card I use for everyday spending, but it earns 6x points on Jetblue purchases

Bonus points

I’ll get an additional 5k points in each account anniversary

Points reimbursement

Get 10% of the points redeemed back

50% off inflight purchases

I usually don’t make any purchases inflight but now that I am traveling mostly with family this benefit might prove useful

Personal Usage

I would estimate that I’ve gotten ~$1,500 of value from this card so far. I initially got this card with the intention of using the sign up bonus points to book a flight to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for a wedding that my wife and I were invited to. I’d estimate the cash rates for those flights were $700/pp. We’ve also taken a trip to Orlando, and although we did not use points for the flights, we saved a few dollars on checked baggage fees.


I was ready to cut this one up but my wife convinced me otherwise. If you take The Points Guy’s valuation for Jetblue (1.3 cents per mile in July 2019) and apply it to the anniversary bonus, we offset the yearly fee by $65. And if we take just one Jetblue flight this year and avoid paying the checked bag fee, we would off set the rest. To be honest, this isn’t a strong proposition to keep this card, but somehow, the wife is always right but we’ll give it another year and reassess.

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