Family Spending (Budget) Plan: September 2019

September 2019 Budget

September was our lowest spending month in 2019. And we needed that to balance out the set backs we had in June and July. Overall, it was a low-key month in terms of spending, so this should be a short post! It appears that our net-worth jumped by 71K in the last 3 months, but … Read moreFamily Spending (Budget) Plan: September 2019

Family Spending (Budget) Plan: July 2019

I use Personal Capital to keep track of my finances. Given how many different cards we use to manage our household finances, I find that this is the best free online tool available to help me keep track. On to the numbers! Car / Transportation We have 2 cars, both of which are paid off, … Read moreFamily Spending (Budget) Plan: July 2019