Single Parent Practice

I was having a conversation with a friend when she revealed to me that her and her husband sometimes take turns being single parents. We both agree that if there is any positive side to being a single parent, it is having an on-demand baby sitter (assuming you have an amicable relationship). They don’t physically separate during this time. However, it is understood that when one of them is “on duty”, all plans should include their child. For example, if her husband is “on duty” and he needs to run an errand (like going to the grocery store), he better plan on going with Junior, even if mom is sitting in the house chilling. Im sure there is a term for this practice and if, we’ll have to come up with one.

We my wife headed up to Denver for a Women’s conference and left me with our baby for 4 long beautiful days. Here are some of the highlights!

Our Time Together

Port Discovery Children’s Museum

We met up with some friends in Downtown, Baltimore and visited Port Discovery. We had lunch and talked a good bit about parenting hacks and travel tips.

Train and the “Big Bus”

I decided to take the train and city bus to get to Port Discovery to show her how Daddy gets to work.

Hair Time

I’ve been saying that Im going to learn to do my daughter’s hair for as long as she’s been alive. Either people (Wife included) were being extremely generous or I did pretty good for my first time. Probably the former.

She’s Back!

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, but man do I underestimate how much time and attention a child really needs. Sometimes I wonder how I have time for a job. My wife is back and Im so happy that Im going to spend some good quality time…cutting the grass. 

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