Family Spending (Budget) Plan: August 2019

August was an uneventful month when it came to the finances. Thats just how I like it. I need these months to smooth out the crazy one like in July when ur car AC decided to call it quits!.

I use Personal Capital to keep track of my finances. Given how many different cards we use to manage our household finances, I find that this is the best free online tool available to help me keep track.

On to the numbers!


Because it was such a low spend month, our mortgage represented a higher than normal percentage of our budget. Although we’re showing 27% this month, our average is closer to 20%

Car / Transportation

We had to spend almost $150 fixing a wind shield crack. A CRACK! I also made some changes to our insurance coverage which upped our premium slightly. Even considering these unexpected charges, we still came in under budget for the month in the category. Which is good because we’ll still be over budget for the year.


No changes, thank god!


We currently have two goals that we’re working towards. The first is to begin renovation in our house. We’re going to start with the downstairs bathroom. The other is to repay my wife for a loan she made to the household.

Given the low spend month, I was able to divert some cash to a separate account we hold for these goals.

Progress Toward Financial Independence

I noticed that we were having a good month. So I took advantage of a declining day in the stock market and put a few dollars in our “FIRE” fund. It’s not enough to make a difference right now, but Im hoping to make this more of a regular habit, rather than only doing it on good months.

Bottom Line

Cheers to a good month! Hoping for 2 more of these before we hit the holiday season.

Is there anything I can address better in future posts? How do you track your finances?

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